We help traditional Catholic families organize a more focused family prayer life and a peaceful home with less overwhelm.

I have been a graphic designer for over 15 years. I founded my design studio as a client-centered business many years ago. However, as the years progressed, I found that many of the designs I gravitated toward creating were for the benefit of the family unit as God made us to be.

It is then that I slowly turned more toward my passion in helping parents and homeschooling families grow their families in virtue.

As a mother, saved by the grace and goodness of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, it is my goal to assist every mother, father and child to know how deeply they are loved by God and that the practice of the moral life is one in which we become more like Him.

When we become more like the Lord in His ways of virtue,we are closer to Him, closer to our true selves and find a peace within ourselves that the world cannot offer.

To know Him, love Him and serve Him is the whole of our being.

My goal at iamHis365 is to do my part with the gifts the Lord has given me to further His kingdom of love…beginning with each family.

I hope that you enjoy and benefit from the products we offer to assist your family in growing in faith, hope and love.

~ Kathy Green

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