Get Organized with our new 2020 Catholic Daily Planner

Yippee! We are so excited for this year! 

Why? There are SO many new things coming for IamHis365!

Not only will you find stylish Catholic decals, printables and art prints, we have launched a line of practical books that will help you on your Catholic walk in holiness.

One that we LOVE is the 2020 Catholic Daily Planner for Women. (one for men and teens is coming soon too). Available on Amazon only. 

This 2020 Catholic Daily Planner for Women is the perfect daily task planner. Great for Catholic moms and home school moms to keep everyone on track each day.Stay close to the Lord as you walk with Him each day with a blank space on each calendar page to write your daily prayer intentions.

  • Hourly grids on each page help you stay organized in your daily tasks as a busy Catholic woman.
  • A generous, yet portable 8" x 10" size is convenient for bringing along to meetings, homeschool groups, daily mass or anywhere you go!
  • This planner has Daily and Monthly Calendar Pages wit
  • Traditional Catholic Prayers for each day of the week and each month.

Catholic tradition sets aside a special honor for each day and month and they are all in this well-organized daily planner.Daily dedications and corresponding prayers include :

  1. The Resurrection and the Holy Trinity, The Holy Spirit,
  2. Poor Souls in Purgatory,
  3. The Holy Angels,
  4. St. Joseph,
  5. The Blessed Sacrament,
  6. Christ's Passion and His Sacred Heart,
  7. The Blessed Virgin and Her Immaculate Heart.

Monthly dedications include:

  1. The Holy Name of Jesus
  2. The Childhood of Jesus
  3. The Holy Family
  4. St. Joseph
  5. The Blessed Sacrament
  6. Mary
  7. The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  8. The Precious Blood
  9. The Immaculate Heart of Mary
  10. The 7 Sorrows of Mary, The Holy Rosary
  11. The Holy Angels, The Poor Souls in Purgatory
  12. The Immaculate Conception

Not only will this planner keep you organized and on task, you will stay within God's will each day as you incorporate all of the daily prayers and meditations for a holy Catholic life. 

Get yours on Amazon today!