It's ok. You're not alone . We are all going a bit stir crazy. However, if you have a printer, then we have some easy solutions for curing boredom at home while strengthening the whole family in the faith. 

Enter cursive copy work. 

What? Sounds sooooo boring, you say? I thought so too at first. However, I have found that it not only calms my children and gets them thinking about spiritual things, but helps them remember scripture better.

Here is our easy 10 minute routine:

  1. Have the children (of any reading age) complete one page
  2. Have them look up the scripture in their bibles
  3. Ask them what that verse means to them or how it can be part of their every day life

I love starting the day this way. The kids know its fast and easy and it sets the tone for the day with our hearts centered on the Lord.

We have plenty of choices for copy work in our shop. 

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